Hello Artists,

This summer I spent a great deal of time painting flowers in my yard and neighbors gardens, I have found a whole new appreciation for Flower painting and am enthusiastic to share what I have learned with others. The last month, I have watched countless utube videos and researched tons of flower painters. I came across some great new approaches and ideas that break the rules, allow for more freedom and most importantly puts the fun back in painting.

That being said,  I will be teaching a 4 week flower painting class in November at Follow Your Art. We will be painting from both life and imagination. All materials included except canvas. 

Big Bold Floral Painting in Acrylic and Oils- 

4 weeks, 4 approaches inspired by both traditional and abstract floral painters.

Each week we will study various artists and their approach to floral painting. Lessons and exercises will help us loosen up and become more intuitive in our painting process. No ho hum paintings here!!! Big Bold and Colorful! 

Let's put the fun back in painting! 

All materials included except canvas. Students should bring 4 9x12's for studies, and 3 large canvas's (no smaller than 16x16, no larger than 24x24 due to space)


Below are just some of the artists that we will be looking at for inspiration (Erin Gregory, Carol Marine, Trisha Adams, KM Schmidt, Sue Dragoo, Dream Toll Perry)


Boston, Massachusetts   617-571-6224