Beginner to Intermediate Painting in Oils 
at Follow Your Art on Main Street in Melrose MA      Reserve your spot at

April 2017 (4 Tuesdays- APRIL 11,18,25 and MAY 2) 6:30pm-9:30pm

    Students must register with Follow Your Art before the start of class. FIRST TIME? Not sure if you want to invest in painting? Not sure what to buy?  Don’t worry, we have plenty of materials to get you started. All you need to do is show up.

    This class has plenty of options. Lessons are offered but students are always welcome to paint what their heart desires. Guidance and instruction is given individually to help each student tackle the technical aspect of painting as well as find their voice as an artist.

Working with Value

     Students will paint in black and white acrylic in order to see and learn about the value scale. Once we have the correct values down, we will then paint over our underpainting in color with oil paint. The goal is to match the values and not rely so much on color.

Mini Paintings, Daily paintings

     Students will paint directly on 6”x6” gesso boards or mini canvas boards in the style of the daily painters. See Carol Marine, Karin Jurick) (Gesso boards and small easels will be provided)

Limited Palette, Limited Brushstrokes

     Palette will be limited to Alizarin, Ultramarine blue, cad yellow light and viridian. Students will learn the range of colors available by simple mixing.  By limiting the palette and the brushstrokes students will learn that in painting, less is actually more.

Creating an under-painting on canvas or canvas board

    In this class we will be working from photos. Students will create an under-painting in burn’t umber or burn’t sienna by covering the canvas and using a subtraction method. Mid tones and highlights are created by removing paint with rags and q-tips dipped in mineral spirits.  Students will bring their dry underpainting to class the following week where techniques for completing the painting in full color will be introduced.


People in the Landscape

     In this session we will look at varias figure painters including; Kim English, Peggi Kroll Roberts, Karin Jurick, Andre Kohn and master painter John Singer Sargent. Working from photos, we will begin with simple exercises, breaking the figure down into large masses of shapes and finding the values within those shapes. The concentration will be on simplifying the figure, body language and proportions.

The Landscape

     We will look at a variety of landscape painters and discuss their technique and design. Exercises in Notan (the balance of light and dark) will get us started and exercises using color harmonies from the great illustrator Maxfield Parrish and other contemporary artists will inspire us to create our own mini master pieces.

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